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Jump Start Marketing Program
Healthcare Services: Trust 1 Hospital Program

Elements of the Trust 1 Hospital Marketing Program


The Trust 1 Hospital Program
A unique and affordable way to quickly develop a strong market leadership
position for your hospital or health care system.

The Problem
During the past several years, the hospital industry has been plagued with accusations about poor medical treatment, inadequate training and supervision, confusing billing and medical oversight. Whether justified or not, these complaints have led to the creation of a very serious by-product—an overall decline in the trust and confidence that people have in their hospitals.

The Solution
To combat this serious issue, The Rogovin Group, a marketing consulting organization with a solid background in the health care industry, has developed its proprietary, Trust 1 Hospital Program. This initiative, is a unique, uplifting and highly quantifiable way to heighten potential patient, physician and employee confidence in your hospital.

The Methodology
Although the basic multi-phased structure of the Trust 1 Hospital Program has already been designed, every participating hospital’s campaign will unfold differently, based on the unique polling procedures that have been imbedded into each individual campaign. In short, each participating hospital will have its own, fully customized program. Additionally, each of our hospital clients will be guaranteed exclusivity within a mutually defined marketing area.

The Financial Concept
The Rogovin Group will exclusively license the Trust 1 Hospital Program to only one client in a market. However, because Trust 1 is designed as a multi-market program, we are able to keep the development costs for each participating hospital quite low.

A Special Invitation
To learn more about all of the unique benefits of this high visibility program, we would like to offer you and your associates an opportunity to participate in a teleconference presentation that will be lead by the two founders of the Trust 1 Hospital Program, David Rogovin and Don Giller.

To take advantage of this offer, please click on the YES BOX below or call our Managing Director David Rogovin directly at 617-965-0738.


Click here to view our Trust 1 Presentation. (PDF format.)
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