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Our Mission:
With the support of our International Marketing Consultants, we help overseas companies assess the potential for the distribution of their goods and services in the U.S. market.

The American Link was developed by The Rogovin Group, a marketing/management consulting firm.

Through the years, we have also provided Business and Marketing Coaching Services to senior managers from many overseas companies using our proprietary Brainstorming Methodology, a cost effective and uninhibited way to creatively evaluate, develop and eventually penetrate the dynamic U.S. marketplace.

Introducing: The Test America Consortium
Developers of industry specific market research consortiums that help offshore companies to cost-effectively determine the potential for their products in the U.S. market. Test America, offers a special opportunity to groups of 5 or 6 companies that share the same nationality and operate within a common industry (e.g. food, apparel footwear, furniture, technology…) to explore the appropriateness of their products from the perspective of both U.S. end users and retailers/ distributors.
For more information about this low cost market research program, please contact: Ioannis Voutsadakis at

Click here to download a Test America Powerpoint presentation.

Among the non-U.S. companies with whom we have worked in this special marketing capacity are:
Reebok Footwear, UK Vancouver Island Hemlock, Canada Istel Software, UK
Supercart Shopping Carts, S.Africa Bodega Hermanos Wines, Spain Gaggenau Appliances, Germany
Asahi Pipe And Valves, Japan The Hotel Palacio, Portugal Desmond & Duff Scotch, UK
Sigarms Firearms, Switzerland TAP Airlines, Portugal Epic Kayaks, South Africa
OrthoView Digital Templating, UK Zoofilia Pet Supply Centers, Greece  
Additionally, our experience in working with close to 150 U.S. Companies, operating in a wide range of industries, provides us with invaluable marketing and distribution perspectives that should prove to be highly beneficial for your entry into the American market. Some of these organizations include:
Hyatt Hotels Glenmore Distillers Boston University
RCA Textron The Christian Science Monitor
Whirlpool Playboy Apparel National Gypsum
Salada Tea Tensor Lighting Howard Johnson
Through the various proprietary techniques outlined in the enclosed Business Strategy Planning Process (BSP), The American Link helps companies to:
1. Develop their customized Projected Success Quotient Analysis (PSQ-A).
This essential analytic tool includes a market entry feasibility audit that must be properly executed well before a significant investment is made in:
Inventory Packaging Shipping Legal Services
Warehousing Display Material Trade Shows Import Agents
Sales Literature Websites Advertising Sales Promotion
Public Relations Sales Travel Personnel Offices
Each customized PSQ-A provides such important information as:
  • A complete competitive overview
  • Market research that tests the feasibility of a new product/service
    in the minds of key distributors, trade buyers and end users
  • Investigation of appropriate sales and distribution channels
  • A review of U.S. customs and duty regulations
  • An examination of shipping and warehousing logistics

Note: This PSQ-A program is more fully described in the Projected Success Quotient Analysis section below.

2. Development of the Business Strategy Plan (BSP).
Assuming the PSQ-A indicates that there is an opportunity for your product/service to succeed in the U.S. market we would then proceed with the creation of the BSP plan. This document would include:
  • Clear and obtainable objectives
  • Realistic and cost effective strategies
  • Sound distribution concepts
  • Conservative sales forecasts
  • Well targeted marketing and sales approaches
  • Pragmatic budgets and cash flow projections

Note: The BSP program is more fully described in the Business Strategy Planning section below.


When this plan has been fully developed and enthusiastically accepted by you and your management team, we will then proceed in one of the following ways:

We will implement the accepted business strategy program including the close supervision of all marketing and sales functions.


We will be responsible for the full search process that will lead to the discovery of qualified joint venture and/ or financial partners.


The American Link’s Commitment:

Understanding Our Client

Before The American Link begins to bring its U.S. market expertise to bear on its client’s business issues, we must clearly understand the nature of the client’s business. While we cannot expect to be totally knowledgeable about a new business in just a few weeks, we have consistently demonstrated our ability to quickly grasp the essence of a clients business model. We are also capable of rapidly judging under which circumstances the client has the best chance for success.



Reliability And Trust

We are always in close contact with our clients, providing them with complete updates of our activities on their behalf. Although we want to help our clients to achieve their U.S. marketing objectives, we will insist on confirming that these objectives are attainable well before we start a new project.


Value For The Money

We are dedicated to the highest standards of performance. We do not allocate a specific amount of time to your project…we simply spend the time it takes to get the job done properly. Our fees are in the form of fixed monthly retainers that are fair, reasonable and competitive. We do not take any additional mark-ups on materials ordered on your behalf and we pass along all earned commissions and discounts that we are able to negotiate on your behalf.



A Final Thought

Our many years of experience in marketing and sales has shown that a strategic marketing and distribution program is an important capital asset that should be built with as much care as a factory and abandoned with as much reluctance.

The American Link’s
Projected Success Quotient Analysis (PSQ-A)
A Comprehensive Business Evaluation Concept

PSQ-A is a proprietary market assessment tool that must be skillfully applied and expertly analyzed well before a significant investment is made by an offshore company in the areas of U.S. marketing and distribution. From our point of view, it is imperative that a PSQ-A program be adopted well before a company thinks about introducing its’ goods and/ or services into the large, complex and highly competitive U.S. market.

The PSQ-A program is divided into the following two stages:

1. Database and Published Research Investigation

An analysis of existing U.S. products or services that are viewed as competitive to those of your company. This analysis will include careful investigation in all or some of the following areas:

Rival brand investigation and ranking A competitive packaging analysis Estimated rival company share of market
An analysis and evaluation of identified competitor’s pricing structures A review of competitive special promotion programs to include on-pack, in-store, joint promotions, piggyback promotions, cause-related promotions, sampling… Customs and duty issues
An examination of rival brand distribution channels Rival company histories Shipping and warehousing costs
An audit of competitive advertising to include the message, the media, and an estimate of actual media budgets Estimated rival company sales volumes and gross profits Other information that might arise from this competitive audit
2. Customized Market Research Design And Execution

New product market research that will target respondents who are wholesale buyers and/or end users of competitive products or services. This study would explore such significant topics as:


Their degree of overall interest in the general product category New product evaluation, based on providing the interviewees with suitable product samples and a sufficient period of time for them to use and/or assess these new items Attitudes regarding the proposed pricing structure for these new products
Competitive product evaluation provided by wholesale buyers Attitudes around the new product’s brand name, positioning, packaging, sales literature, advertising… Suggested product changes, improvements or line extensions
The respondent’s degree of interest in the potential new brand. This would be based on presentations of the new products’ unique attributes Attitudes about the country of origin  
We estimate that it will take approximately twelve to sixteen weeks from the beginning of the project for us to do all of the PSQ-A analysis, the customized market research and write the report that will include specific recommendations.

This report will then be presented to you in a meeting, or if necessary, during a telephone conference. Either way, copies of this confidential report will be in your hands before our planned meeting date.

The cost for this proprietary two stage PSQ-A analysis, will be $35,000, U.S. with one half being paid at the beginning of the project and the final payment being made concurrently with the completion of the actual report.
Possible Assumptions Based on the Study
Assumption 1
If your PSQ-A report indicates that you have a product or service that could be successful in the American market, we would want to proceed with the development of a Business Strategy Plan (BSP). A brief outline of this plan is presented on the next page.
Assumption 2
If your PSQ-A report shows that there is an opportunity for your product to succeed in the U.S. market if suitable changes are made to the product, the packaging, the pricing structure… we would want to work closely with you in making these adjustments before the BSP development process.
Assumption 3
If our PSQ-A report indicates that there is very little interest in your product or service by U.S. buyers and end users, we would be prepared to offer some alternative recommendations for your company in other markets.
The American Link’s
Business Strategy Plan (BSP)

Once we have completed the Projected Success Quotient Analysis (PSQ-A) and there are reasonable indications that there could be an opportunity for your product or service in the American market, we would want to proceed with the development of a business strategy plan. This customized plan would include such steps as:

A careful review of all of the information that we developed for your customized PSQ-A initiative The development of realistic and cost effective marketing and sales strategies The design of highly measurable test market programs
In depth meetings with senior members of your management and sales team The investigation and establishment of highly flexible distribution channels  (retail, direct response, business to business, e-commerce…) The establishment of realistic marketing, sales and distribution budgets including possible funding considerations
The establishment of clearly defined objectives for the distribution of your product in the U.S. market The development of conservative sales forecasts for each of the marketing and sales programs that we might recommend The supervision protocol for the necessary marketing and sales initiatives
All of this information would be included in a Business Strategy Planning document that would be presented and carefully reviewed by you and your senior management team. If changes are necessary they will be quickly made well before the implementation of the program.
We estimate that it will take approximately four months for us to complete the Business Strategy Plan (BSP). Clearly, this plan cannot be developed until the PSQ-A analysis is finished. Thus, the combined developmental work that must be completed before we can properly launch your new product into the American market will require at least eight to ten months of concentrated work.
The cost for the development of this special Business Strategy Plan (BSP) will be $40,000 U.S. with one half being paid at the beginning of the planning process and the second half being disbursed when the plan is completed.
We firmly believe that without the type of careful analysis and strategic planning that we have described in this document, an offshore company could seriously be putting its U.S. export program at risk. However, by investing a relatively small amount of money in a PSQ-A feasibility study, you could save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the execution of the wrong program, at the wrong time and in the wrong market!

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