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Jump Start Marketing Program
Rogovin Group Presentations

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Test America Presentation   Test America Presentation
A consortium-building initiative that focuses on a proprietary U.S. test market distribution concept that is designed for the careful export of synergistic goods and services from select countries into special test markets within the dynamic American market.

This cautious step-by-step approach, will allow participating companies from the same country and the same broad industry, to establish a cost effective beachhead for their branded products in the U.S.


Play Greek Export Video   A Video Presentation On Greek Export Opportunities
We were asked to participate in a large business symposium in Athens, Greece. This special symposium that was designed for Greek business, financial, government and academic specialists was entitled, The Multidimensional Economic Crisis.

Our well-received presentation focused on a series of practical strategies that were specially designed for the export of select goods and services from Greece to the U.S. market.

Click the "PLAY" button to view part of our presentation.


Trust 1 Hospital Program Presentation   Trust 1 Hospital Presentation
We have all witnessed an ever-growing barrage of negative media reports concerning the failures of the U.S. health care system. Now is the time for one quality hospital in each U.S. market to publicly demonstrate that it has earned the trust and support of its constituency.

To help a particular organization achieve the “most trusted” position in a given area, we have developed a proprietary, relationship-building program that we have branded the Trust 1 Hospital program. This licensed approach is based on a highly interactive dialog between key hospital executives and a large number of individuals who live and work in the area of a particular hospital. Based on the input from the community, we will jointly develop a special program that will feature a well-choreographed series of customized marketing and public affairs initiatives that will be introduced over a 12 to 24 month period. Each tangible initiative will be designed to demonstrate to that community that this particular hospital actively seeks to learn from the opinions, ideas, attitudes and concerns of patients, potential patients, professional staff and employees.

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