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About: Roger P. Day
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Roger P. Day
New Product Marketing Consultant and Director of Emerging Businesses
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Roger P. Day
Director of Development for Emerging Businesses
New Product Marketing Consultant

Roger P. Day is an entrepreneurial financial strategist who consults with companies in the hardware, software, retail and manufacturing fields. His proven skills include financial management, business and strategic planning in addition to driving the all-important financing process for early stage companies that have limited resources. Day’s professional experience is broad and varied.

As a Management Consultant, Roger worked with the founders of an advanced materials start-up where he identified, confronted and resolved management conflicts between founders and financial backers, leading to additional financing. As Executive Director and Director of Development of a not-for-profit organizations, Day increased annual donation revenues by 50%, structured a Board of Directors and committees to incorporate needed skill sets, hired key management personnel, implemented long term strategic business planning programs and introduced unique financial management controls.

At Celtic Vision Productions Limited, Roger was COO of a cable television production company with exclusive rights to Irish programming. Here, he successfully maintained operations and expanded the franchise, with the help of U.S. and Irish advisers.

As a Turn-Around and Financial Consultant, Day has often been engaged by privately held companies or their investor to identify and resolve issues impeding growth, to make recommendations on additional funding and organizational changes, while implementing constructive solutions. He designed the strategy for a management buyout, public offering and acquisition for an international beverage company. As acting CEO, he recovered capital from a software company during its wind down in order to maximize value for its creditors.

Roger was Founder and Managing Partner of Frontier Group, Inc. which was formed as a boutique investment bank providing seed capital and fee-based consulting services for start-ups and early stage companies. In this capacity he successfully funded over 20 companies in a wide range of industries with cash amounts up to $1,100,000, delivering a portfolio return in excess of 30%. Frontier Group’s financing of Smartfoods led to the company’s sale to Frito-Lay.

In addition to working with THE-ROGOVIN-GROUP, Roger continues to act as a Director for the Spencer Turbing Company, serving on the Executive and Audit Committees of this privately held manufacturing company with mid-eight figures in revenue, and 200 employees.

Day received his BA from Yale University and an MBA with high honors in Finance from Boston University. He makes his home in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

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