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About: Paul J. Kelly
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Managing Director and
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Paul J. Kelly
Test Market Consultant and Director of Sales & Distribution for Client Initiatives


Paul J. Kelly
Director of Sales & Distribution for Client Initiatives
Test Market Consultant

Kelly is an entrepreneurial sales strategist who received his B.S. in Political Science from West Chester University and an M.P.A. in Public Administration from the University of Delaware.

Kelly worked in the public sector for five years holding positions at the federal level including NASA and at the state level at the Delaware Department of Labor.

He assumed the role of President for Context Systems, an education based software publisher who also developed a web based product designed to provide better communication between school teachers, administrators, and the parents or guardians of school children. Kelly, had also served as Vice President of Sales for their unique software products developing sales channels through traditional venues Best Buy, Circuit City, Wal-Mart… as well as creating special non-traditional sales initiatives through the establishment of unique partnering arrangements with schools, fund raising organizations and other strategic entities.

He was also instrumental in securing working capital for the expansion and licensing of several new technology products. This fund raising initiative was achieved through the development of highly targeted partnerships with several Web based organizations that allowed him to leverage various joint sales and distribution opportunities.

Kelly has recently become involved in the sales, distribution and promotion of a new high profile line of flavored spring water products.

Moreover, he has created a sales and distribution network that is designed to support the importation of several Indian products into the North American market. He also consults with the management teams of these offshore companies on packaging and distribution programs.

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