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About: Ioannis Voutsadakis
David A. Rogovin
Managing Director and
Business Marketing Coach
Ioannis Voutsadakis
International Marketing Consultant and South Eastern European Director of Business Development
Donald R. Giller
Health Care Marketing Consultant and Director of Business Development for Health Care
Roger P. Day
New Product Marketing Consultant and Director of Emerging Businesses
Kazi M. Belal
International Marketing Consultant and Director of Asian Business Development
Paul J. Kelly
Test Market Consultant and Director of Sales & Distribution for Client Initiatives


Ioannis Voutsadakis
Director of Business Development/South Eastern Europe
International Marketing Consultant

Ioannis Voutsadakis has over the last 10 years, provided senior consulting services in the areas of:   
      • Macroeconomics
      • Cyclical trading issues
      • Corporate financial analysis
      • Fund-raising initiatives
      • International marketing trends

Based on these areas of expertise, he has worked closely with several financial service organizations that are based in South Eastern Europe. These companies include:

      • Nuntius Securities S.A.
      • Union Securities S.A.
      • Signet Securities S.A.
      • Atlantic International Management

Additionally, Mr.Voutsadakis, has written several well received articles and strategic reports on the following subjects:

      • The International Economy
      • The Future of the U.S. Dollar
      • The Risks and Rewards of the New Global Economy
      • Investment Analysis and Recommendations
      • Retail Marketing Trends
      • Integrated Marketing and Fund Raising Initiatives, Your Key To Success

Mr. Voutsadakis, earned a Baccalaureate degree in finance and economics as well as an MBA in finance at American International College.

As a member of The Rogovin Group’s senior consulting team, he focuses on new business development, project management initiatives and client funding programs in South Eastern Europe. He is also a team leader for The Rogovin Group’s proprietary American Link Program that helps non-U.S. clients to carefully evaluate and if appropriate, test their products in select regions of the U.S. market.

Mr. Voutsadakis is based in Athens, Greece.



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