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  Why Should I Hire a
Marketing Consulting Firm?

Because in today’s uncertain economy you must market and you must market more wisely than your competitors. The success of your business depends on how well you proactively seek out new marketing approaches, sales channels, strategic partnerships, product development, etc. In fact, if you are proactive, you can immunize your company against the diseases that can ultimately kill companies. These include; failure to plan for all economic conditions, poor distribution and sales relationships, poor-quality of products and/or services and inadequate funding.

With that being said, if you are planning to:

  • Launch a new product or service
  • Expand into new markets
  • Reposition an existing product
  • Initiate a strategic health care program
  • Evaluate the potential of the U.S. market for non-U.S. products
  • Outsource all or a portion of your marketing and sales activities

We have the broad-based experience to do the job and do it well!
We have the background and the skills based on hundreds of strategic assignments from a wide range of U.S. and off-shore clients.

These client undertakings include:

  • Consumer marketing and sales strategies
  • Marketing plan creation using our proprietary six stage, Jump Start Development Process
  • Health care marketing initiatives
  • B-to-B marketing/sales programs
  • Marketing oriented strategies for the raising of capital for new initiatives
  • Cost effective marketing/ advertising techniques
Complimentary Teleconferences A Special Offer from
The Rogovin Group’s
Consulting Team
  We will be pleased to arrange a series of three complementary one-hour teleconferences between members of your management team and our senior consulting group that may, depending on your needs include, Health Care Marketing Consultants, International Marketing Consultants, New Product Marketing Consultants and Test Market Consultants. These conferences will focus on your marketing, sales and distribution opportunities as well as the challenges that are facing your organization. During our first meeting you will outline your situation and in the following two sessions we will, in an open exchange, constructively respond to your situation.  
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Why Should I Hire a
Marketing Coach?

Brainstorm Marketing

A Marketing Coaching Concept using our Brainstorming Methodology that is designed for serious business owners and senior managers who are dedicated to increasing the value of their respective organizations.

We know that few business professionals allocate enough time to the concept of brainstorming when in fact this technique has helped to provide more breakthroughs, more profit and more leverage than any other marketing technique that is available today.

Marketing is the mainspring of every business. After all, marketing is the science of influencing people to try a product or service, getting them to come back again, and persuading them to purchase larger quantities when they do come back. Marketing incorporates sales, advertising, promotion, product design, branding, research, online initiatives, public relations... To put it bluntly, marketing can make the difference between the success or failure of your business. However, marketing, which is the prime mover of your business, is still one of the least understood and most underutilized facets of business.

P{hoto of David RogovinFor all of these reasons, I have decided to put my thirty years of experience in brainstorm driven product development, advertising agency management and marketing consulting to work on the creation of customized brainstorming sessions for senior executives who want to:

  • Strategize around the barriers they are experiencing in the growth and development of their companies
  • Spend time brainstorming and problem solving in a non-threatening, forward moving environment
  • Discover the appropriate strategies that will allow organizations to proceed with confidence
  • Work closely with a knowledgeable professional on an individual or group basis
  • Improve the effectiveness of their corporate leadership skills
Our Assurance
  In virtually every one of our teleconferences, we develop one or two marketing/sales concepts that can be adopted by the participating organization whether they decide to work with us or not.  
  For a list of useful tips from The Rogovin Group’s Brainstorm Marketing Coaching Program click here.  

If you would like to take advantage of the
Special Consulting Offer described near the bottom of the left-hand column,
or, if you are interested in learning more about our Brainstorm Coaching Program,
contact David Rogovin at 617-965-0737 or click here to email him.


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